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The university archive holds memorabilia of campus history that is often overlooked by undergraduate students. Some university archivists have emphasized the importance of increased, intentional outreach to undergraduate students with the goals of educating students about the value of archives, providing instruction for the use of primary source materials, and presenting archival services to potential post-graduate patrons. These efforts, though student focused, do not center the perspectives or contributions of the target audience. University archivists and special collections librarians must engage in student-centered outreach that builds relationships with undergraduate students by assisting in campus life documentation, providing resources for student-led projects, and holding discussions with students to address questions, comments, and concerns about the archives. Student-centered outreach requires breaking away from the top-down, bottom-up model that emphasizes faculty and staff projects and including undergraduate student input in outreach initiatives.


Jasmine S. Malone gave this presentation on September 9, 2020, during Caring for Collections 2020: Recent Projects Across Harvard, a series featuring speakers addressing current topics and specific cultural heritage preservation projects at Harvard University.

Jasmine S. Malone participated in the HBCU Library Alliance Summer 2020 Conservation/Preservation Internship. The Harvard Library Preservation Services served as her host site. Learn more about the internship program: