New Orleans Youth Master Plan Data Repository

New Orleans Youth Master Plan Data Repository

What is the Youth Master Plan?

The Youth Master Plan is New Orleans’ opportunity to be deliberate about the potential of our youth and build pathways to make that potential a reality. The Youth Master Plan is a comprehensive roadmap for creating and sustaining a positive youth development-focused, results-oriented New Orleans that works for all of our young people.

The Youth Master Plan brings together young people, parents, educators, community leaders, and other key stakeholders to develop, implement, and monitor a ten-year (2020-2030), multisector plan for improving outcomes for our children and youth across New Orleans.

What is the Data Repository?

The Youth Master Plan Data Repository, hosted by the Xavier University of Louisiana Library at the XULA Digital Commons, is a public storage container and archival tool for Youth Master Plan data sets, documents, reports, and materials over the course of the plan’s lifespan.

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The Youth Master Plan is facilitated by the New Orleans Children and Youth Planning Board (CYPB), the New Orleans Youth Alliance (NOYA), and the Mayor’s Office of Youth and Families (OYF), with co-direction and co-authorship by New Orleans youth. The process is funded in part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and the City of New Orleans.


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