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Part 2 of our Tableau Covid-19 GIS visualization – moving from a single visualization to an interactive dashboard!


Self Quiz:

1) In Tableau, how do you arrange your visualization to order your data alphabetically, ascending/descending, etc.

  1. Drag the entries around individually
  2. Find the “little arrows” near the heading title
  3. Enable sorting in the Tableau menu
  4. Return to your original data and sort it there

2) When we filter the data, what happens to the data we are “filtering out?”

  1. It’s just hidden, remove the filter to make it show again
  2. It’s deleted from the visualization, you will need to reimport from the data source to get it back
  3. It’s gone from Tableau, but contained in your original data file
  4. It’s completely deleted

3) How can you take a filter and “apply to other worksheets” within your visualization?

  1. You will have to remake the filter all over again, be careful to get the settings the same!
  2. Tableau will synchronize your filters across sheets automatically
  3. This is not possible
  4. You can find this option by right-clicking the filter in the filters card

4) Tableau has two ways of tracking dates – either as a specific date in time (May 2015) or as a generic date (“May,” for which May in any year will be aggregated). Select all of the following for which a specific date would be needed.

  1. Spread of an infection throughout a community
  2. Sales during December, averaged over 10 years
  3. Growth of a financial portfolio
  4. Average rainfall in the month of May

5) On a Tableau dashboard, what is it called when you set one or more sheets react upon interaction with another sheet.

  1. Filter
  2. Link
  3. Tableau
  4. Action

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