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NSF, DOD ARO grant

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1411209, 911NF-15-1-0510


Department of Physics and Computer Science - Dual Degree Engineering

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Aerosol optical depth (AOT) was measured at Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA, 29.96ᵒ N, 90.11° W and 3m above sea level) using a GLOBE handheld sun photometer. The measurements were done at two different wavelengths, 505nm and 625nm. The measured values were used to extrapolate the AOT values for wavelengths 667nm, 551nm, 532nm and 490nm at the XULA site. The measured and calculated AOT values were then compared with values from the nearest AERONET station at Wave CIS site 6 (AERONET, 28.87ᵒ N, 90.48° W and 33m above sea level), which is 60 miles south of XULA. In this study we tracked the annual and daily variations of AOT for a 12-month period from September 2017 to August 2018. These data show good qualitative agreement between the two stations in the 12-month period. Both sets of data show distinct peaks in February and May. Both sets of data show low AOT values in the winter months and high AOT values in the summer months. The hourly AOT variations averaged over the 12-month period was also investigated for the XULA site. The data show two peaks, one at 9:00 am and another at 3:00pm. We also compared AOT data from two independently calibrated GLOBE sun photometers at the XULA site. The data show that the two instruments are in excellent agreement. The R-squared value for the 505nm channel is 0.92 and the R-squared value for the 625nm channel is 0.95.


DOI: 10.1088/1755-1315/289/1/012003