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NIH NIGMS BUILD grants (TL4GM118968, RL5GM118966, and UL1GM118967), the NIH-RCMI grant 2G12MD007595


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Cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYPs) are important phase I enzymes involved in themetabolism of endogenous and xenobiotic compounds mainly through mono-oxygenation reactions into more polar and easier to excrete species. In addition to their role in detoxification, they play important roles in the biosynthesis of endogenous compounds and the bioactivation of xenobiotics. Coumarins, phytochemicals abundant in food and commonly used in fragrances and cosmetics, have been shown to interact with P450 enzymes as substrates and/or inhibitors. In this review, these interactions and their significance in pharmacology and toxicology are discussed in detail.