Solidarity, Double Consciousness, and Collective Emotion Work: Understanding Negative Black Health Outcomes Resulting from Systemic Police Terror


Department of Sociology

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Winter 12-14-2019


This chapter examines the connections between systemic police terror, solidarity, collective consciousness, emotion work, and negative health outcomes for black Americans. While much social science and criminological research has focused on police brutality and the black male without much consideration of the collective effects of police violence on communities of color, we shift the conversation from brutality to systemic terror by incorporating the cumulative and collective effects policing has on communities of color, beyond those directly victimized via interactions with the police. In this chapter, we introduce and theorize about the deeper connections between policing, black communities, and emotional labor and the relationship(s) these factors have on negative health outcomes.


This is a chapter in the book Inequality, Crime, and Health Among African American Males edited by Marino A. Bruce and Darnell F. Hawkins