Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Division of Education and Counseling

First Advisor

Bethal Cager Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Leslie Has Ed.D

Third Advisor

David Robinson-Morris Ph.D.


parent empowerment, charter schools, Black parents, public schools


This phenomenological study explored Louisiana legislative charter school policies and the extent to which those policies empowered Black public-school parents in the New Orleans charter school experiment (NOCSE). Parent empowerment, the sharing of power with parents, has been a missing component both in scholarly literature and in charter school policy and implementation (Ferlazzo, 2011; Hsiao et al., 2018, Murray et al., 2013). Using semi structured interviews, the results of this study yielded three themes related to Black parent empowerment (BPE) and the public-school struggles Black parents face in an all-charter district. Based on the research findings, this study revealed that Black public-school parents strive to be active advocates and actors, rather than passive recipients of decisions made by teachers, administrators, schools, and school systems (Connor & Cavendish, 2018).



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