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For the last three years the world has faced a great economic crisis which has affected every walk of life; this crisis has caused some countries to suffer more than others. Apparently, an economic ghost has placed its menacing fingers on the farmers, brokers, stockholders, merchants, banks, industries, commerce and trade, leaving on each the image of destruction. Economists of note have studied the problem from every angle, in order to ascertain the cause of it and to find means of solution. Many theories have been offered pertaining to the causes, such as overproduction, the theory which holds the factories and warehouses are over stocked and goods are not able to be sold at a reasonable profit, thus causing industrial activities to be suspended. The cooperative market is offered as a means to overcome this defect. The unequal Distribution theory, which is held by American economists, T. N. Carver and Irving Fisher. Capitalization Theory and many others.



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