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Summer 7-27-1932

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Newman, Prose, Writer


  1. In every period of history there are some characters which stand out very prominently for some great achievement, idea or movement. On some occasions one individual occupies this place of honor, as in the case of Napoleon after he saw gallantly quelled the revolt in the city of Toulon during the Revolutionary War. Literature, like history, has its heroes who, with their pen, influence the world. The 19th century produce the diversity of religious opinion and inquiry, colored by the delicacy of expression which is characteristic of the time. The Victorian age enjoyed the many “masters of expression" for it gave the posterity such men as Tennyson whose religious views were very uncertain, Carlyle who encouraged and inspired the youth of his age by inculcating in their hearts the idea that “industrial society must be refashioned on the principles of justice and charity" Macaulay whose influence was wide, affecting particularly the field of modern journalistic writing, Ruskin whose fervent love of beauty was as sacred as a prayer. Yet in the mist of this powerful constellation shone a star whose radiance was so great it eclipsed all others. This personage was none other than the scholarly religious genius, John Henry Newman, the master of pros writing.



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