5 - Visualizing Wealth and Personal Finance


5 - Visualizing Wealth and Personal Finance


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Part 5 of Visualizing Wealth and Personal Finance: assessing how long it will take to pay off student loans!


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Publication Date

Spring 2020


New Orleans


=== Self-quiz (see attachment for answers) ===

5-student loan quiz

1) Why is it important to consider prospective salary along with the loan you take out for school?

  1. The larger the loan the more you will have to pay to get out of debt quickly
  2. More money is better!
  3. It’s not – it’s most important to follow your dreams

2) Should you not attend the program you want because of money?

  1. Yes – a bad financial decision is the worst thing that could happen
  2. Yes – shopping around is important. Consider the entire picture before getting started.
  3. No – you may not get another chance

3) Are all programs within a field the same price?

  1. Yes – there is widespread standardization of tuition
  2. No – all programs charge based on their own fee structure

4) Are better programs more expensive?

  1. Yes – you get what you pay for
  2. No – competitive and prestigious programs often have lower tuition, since they attract other funding sources

5 - Visualizing Wealth and Personal Finance